Thursday, February 26, 2015

MD Anderson Follow-up & New Plan

Second Appointment at MD Anderson
Mom & Dad went to Houston for a follow-up appointment with Dr. V on Tuesday. This was a very thorough meeting, including discussion of all prior blood work and scans, treatment options and other clinical trails around the country.

A review of her blood work and CT scans over the last several months showed a progression of the tumors in the liver and that the liver has been severely compromised. Since many of the chemo drugs filter through the liver, it is important to carefully monitor the liver function before proceeding with any new treatments. Dr. V recommended that if Mom's blood work looked okay in another week, she could try a different chemo combo--Abraxane, Gemzar and Xeloda (AGX). Mom has had Abraxane and Gemzar before, but the Xeloda (pill form) would be added to hopefully help the other drugs work better to shrink the tumors or "kill the cancer!" as mom would say.

Dr. V also recommended that Mom have another blood transfusion to give her a boost. Dad asked about the trials going on at Sloan Kettering and Johns Hopkins. She said that while Mom might be eligible for some of the studies, the treatments are very aggressive, not proven and might not be worth the time. While it was a very difficult appointment, it was important to fully understand the limited liver function and remaining treatment options.

Mom & Dad are SO silly! After their tough appointment, they went over
to take more pictures with the paintings on the wall at MD Anderson. HA!
Mom was so hot in the desert while we were having snow in Dallas! :)

They found some real flowers at Cracker Barrel in Conroe
and they even had dinner next to the fire. 

Back Home for Local Appointment
Today, Mom had blood work and they met with her local oncologist, Dr Xiong, to discuss their appointment at MD Anderson. They decided that she will come back on Monday, and depending on the results of new blood work (liver function, specifically), she will receive the new chemo combo as recommended by Dr V. Mom will be able to receive this treatment in Fort Worth, so they will not have to travel to Houston. Yay!

Based on her labs, Mom qualified for another blood transfusion (2 units). They went to Baylor after her appointment, and she received the transfusion this afternoon. Dad said her color looked much better afterward. Hopefully this will make a difference for her. So thankful for people that donate blood to make a difference for people like Mom!

Your continued positive thoughts and prayers for healing and peace throughout this journey are appreciated!! 


  1. Jerry and Dianna,

    Vanessa keeps me up to date on your journey. I think of you two often and hope only for good results throughout as you continue. You are a strong and united couple which above all else will see you through this inconvenience!!!

  2. Paula and I have you in our thoughts and prayers constantly, Dianna. We are not on Facebook and the blog very often, but please know that you and Jerry are in our thoughts and prayers every single day. You have been very special to me even before Jonathan and Kathleen got married. You took him into your home and treated him like a son. I am forever grateful for all that you have done for Jonathan. You and your parents have invited me into your homes and made me feel welcome which I am also eternally grateful for. I also think that you are the greatest Grandmother a kid could have. I am very thankful that you and Jerry are the grandparents of my grandchildren. You are bothe the greatest. I will also never forget the speech that Jerry gave at the Dallas Claim Association meeting when Jonathan record a scholarship from them. I also pray all the time for your parents as well as you and Jerry and Kathleen and Jonathan. God bless all of you.

  3. Dianna and Jerry,

    You two are so sweet and so silly. I am still laughing about the way you make those wall photos seem like real environments! :) You are in my heart always.


  4. Dianna & Jerry,

    You guys have been on our minds a lot here in Austin. Jonathan has kept me up to date on everything and it's good to see you haven't lost your sense of humor from the pictures. :)

    Just know that we love you both tremendously and are ready to help in any way we can.


  5. Dianna,

    I admire you so much! I consider myself blessed to know such an inspirational and phenomenal lady. Eric and I are sending prayers and positive thoughts your way. I pray everything goes well today!