Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Chemo, Transfusion & MD Anderson Update

Appointment on 2/12: Cancer Markers, Pain Level & Chemo #18
Thursday, February 12th was another chemo day and Mom and Dad met with Dr. Xiong prior to the infusion. The cancer markers decreased from 34,090 to 30,800. We were thankful the markers went down, but hoped to see a greater change. He was also concerned about the decrease in her red blood cell count and scheduled her for blood work after chemo.

One of the greatest concerns over the prior week was that her pain had increased. Her discomfort is primarily in her back and abdomen from the tumors in the liver. She went from only taking the pain medicine occasionally to needing much more. The doctor added the lowest dose of morphine to her daily medications. So far, this has made a difference in her pain level and we hope that continues!

Part of Mom's Text: "Morning!! I'm here for #18 Kill the Cancer!!!!"
Appointment on 2/17: Blood Transfusion Scheduled & Cancer Markers
Today, February 17th, Mom had an appointment to check her red blood cell count after the last round of chemo. Her count was low at 7.6 and she is scheduled for a transfusion in the morning (2/18). They anticipate that she will need one pint and it should take between 1 1/2 to 2 hours. She has been extremely exhausted and we hope this will make a big difference for her! We appreciate your thoughts and prayers for a successful transfusion.

We were told people could make blood donations in Mom's name, but Carter BloodCare has discontinued the program. Any blood donations would be wonderful, but will not directly help Mom with her transfusion. 

Mom was called in for an unexpected appointment with Dr. Xiong after the blood work. He wanted to check on her pain level, which has been better with the morphine. Also, he let her know that her cancer markers have increased. They went up from 30,800 to 68,666. It is very tough to see this increase, but also good timing that she has an appointment at MD Anderson this week--see below!

MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston
After about a week delay due to name spelling issue, we heard good news from MD Anderson. She has been accepted and she has appointments in Houston this week! We are very thankful to the Rains family for offering their condo to Mom & Dad during their visit and to the friends that have offered assistance while they are in Houston. We are hopeful and prayerful that they will have additional treatment options available to "Kill the Cancer!" as mom would say. I will be updating the blog as we hear more information from her appointments.

Having Fun
Mom & Dad had a date night to the Dallas Symphony Orchestra concert in Duncanville a couple weeks ago. They really enjoyed the performance! They also went out for burgers with Jonathan, Elaine and Haleigh last weekend and we celebrated Valentine's Day together a couple days ago. Valentine's Day has always been a fun holiday in our family. Mom and Dad give the best Valentine's Day gifts and we enjoy celebrating the love day together! 

Granna & Granddaddy with Haleigh at Kincaid's

Celebrating Valentine's Day with Jillian & Oliver
Mom had lunch with her work family at Cedar Ridge Dental.
This is her close friend and dental hygiene partner, Jessica.

That's it for now, but I will updating with information soon regarding her transfusion and their trip to MD Anderson. Thank you so very much for your love, prayers and support!! 


  1. Dianna,

    You are such a lovely woman. So glad that you guys had such a nice Valentine's Day together.

    Lots of love for you all,

  2. You are in my prayers always. Hopeful that MD Anderson will give you some additional treatment options!

    What fun and great photos from the last couple weeks (especially love the one of Jillian giving you a hug...too cute!)!

  3. Still in our prayers. Hoping MD Anderson will have wonderful options to "kill the cancer". Rickie Budnek

  4. I am so touched by all the family photos. I LOVE that Your team of Warriors is Growing & is so strong: NOT just physically but Spiritually & Emotionally as Well. The picture of the "Granddaughter hug" made me smile & LOL. It doesn't get much better than that. I remember being able to "kiss the boo boos" and all would be better and sometimes it really is as simple as a hug that makes 1 feel Better. The smile on ur face made me remember that; so Thank You 4 that!! Ur smile is contagious. I ❤ U All and am Praying ever so diligently that Peace be with You and that the RIGHT Dr. Is placed in ur care. Answers to follow that will "kick UR Cancers" A**!!