Saturday, November 1, 2014

New Direction

Mom and Dad went to her oncology appointment yesterday morning, anxious to hear the latest cancer marker counts and the results of the CT scan. She has been in more pain over the last two weeks, running a low grade fever most days. The cancer markers increased from 23,000 (on 10/17) to 42,000 and the CT scan showed that two of the liver tumors grew. One bit of good news was that the spot on the pancreas is smaller. Thankful for that!

On Wednesday or Thursday of this week, she will begin a stronger, 3-day a week chemo. She will go in the first day and have an infusion, take the pump home for an infusion on the second day and go back the third day. This type of chemo will most likely have more side effects, but we are praying it's hard on the cancer, but not hard on mom!

With no chemo yesterday, she has been able to enjoy the weekend! She loves Halloween--from dressing up, to decorating the house, to passing out candy at the door--so we had a great time together last night! Also, Mom and Dad went to the Texas Renaissance Festival today, which was awesome! They had a great time and were able to hear their favorite renaissance musicians, Cantiga, perform three times! They love to relax and enjoy the outdoors and music at TRF, so this was wonderful for them.

We are thankful the first nine rounds of chemo have taken her cancer markers from 139,000 to 44,000. We are hopeful and pray this new regimen will shrink the tumors and reduce the cancer markers. She is such a beautiful lady and has such an amazing man by her side. Thank you for the continued prayers, love and support.


  1. Glad you had a relaxing weekend! Always praying for you, sweetie! Love you, Jessica