Wednesday, January 14, 2015

CT Scan Results & Holidays

Mom and Dad met with Dr. Xiong yesterday to hear the latest CT scan and lab work results. Clinically, Mom is doing well. The Cancer Markers came down to 42,000 (139,000 at diagnosis) and her red blood cells, white blood cells and liver function all slightly declined, but were still okay. Also, she looks good overall and is in much less pain. These are all blessings!

However, the CT scan showed that the largest tumor in the liver has grown and there are multiple small tumors forming around the large tumor. This was difficult news to hear and surprising, especially because her liver pain has decreased substantially. 

Moving forward, they are planning to do three more rounds (over six weeks) of the current chemo, FOLFIRINOX, with a slight modification in a couple medications to hopefully reduce the side effects. They will meet with the doctor every two weeks to reevaluate. Her next chemo will begin this Thursday (1/15), as scheduled.

We appreciate you continuing to lift Mom and Dad up in prayer. For those that would like specific prayer requests, please pray for her body to remain strong throughout chemo, for the tumors to miraculously shrink, for the pain to continue to decline, for the side effects to subside and for the best medical decisions to be made. Also, please continue to pray for her support system, most importantly, our amazing Dad. We remain hopeful this treatment will make a difference, along with your prayers and love! Mom has been incredibly strong throughout this entire journey and Dad has been so supportive.

A Coats Holiday!
Even through Mom's treatment and recovery time, we had lots of fun, shared many laughs and made memories at Thanksgiving and Christmas! Thanksgiving was wonderful, even with the Cowboy loss. :) Dad was so sweet and did most of the decorating and gift wrapping for Christmas. We had our usual busy Christmas Day, starting at Mom & Dad's house, going to the Mobley's for lunch, then back at Mom & Dad's for Coats' Christmas that evening. Mom was even able to make Christmas dinner with help from Dad. It was the perfect day.

Mobley / Wyatt / Coats / Cervenka / Powell Thanksgiving -- Go Cowboys!

Coats / Karaguleff / Cervenka Thanksgiving Dinner

Cedar Ridge Dental Christmas Party -- Mom's Work Family

Haleigh & Elaine helped decorate Mom & Dad's house for Christmas!

Granna & Granddaddy gave Jillian new ornaments for her tree // After Christmas Eve Service

Merry Christmas Night

PS ~ All comments are shared with Mom & Dad. Thanks so much! :)


  1. Love the family photos. Everyone looks so happy being together. Best wishes to Diana, Jerry, and the whole family.

  2. Hello been thinking and praying for you. Tom & I have been battling bronchitis, he is doing better but I was in ER this am for breathing treatment and other testing. You all too well that when they get you there they want too do every test in the book, but they didn't keep be. Will enough of me, I just really hope you are kissing on those gifts from God, your grand babies . I thank Kathleen and Jonathan for keeping us updated on you all . Please know that God and I have drawn a circle and drew you in for prayer. In Christ love Paula